9:00Introductions, Warm Up, Stretch, Movement GamesWarm Up, Stretch, Movement GamesWarm Up, Stretch, Movement GamesMeeting about the showWarm Up, Stretch, Movement Games
9:15 Character/ClowningCharacter/ClowningWarm Up, Stretch, Movement GamesShow Groups
9:30Inverted Balances, Bridges, Tumbling""Show Groups"
9:45Partner AcrobaticsInverted Balances, Bridges, TumblingInverted Balances, Bridges, Tumbling""
10:00Partner AcrobaticsPartner AcrobaticsPartner Acrobatics""
10:45Rolling Globe and Balancing"Mini tramp and TrampolineMini tramp and Trampoline"
11:00Stations: Aerials, Rolling Globe and Juggling. Balancing, RibbonsStations: Aerials, Rolling Globe and Juggling. Balancing, Ribbons""Show Groups
11:15""High Falls, Aerial Climbs and SwingsHigh Falls, Aerial Climbs and SwingsHigh Falls
12:00Lunch (45 min.)Lunch (45 min.)Lunch (45 min.)Lunch (45 min.)Lunch (45 min.)
12:45Relaxation, Guest Speaker: True Language DancersRelaxation, Guest Speaker: Aerialist Acrobats Cheetah and EriciaRelaxation, Guest Speaker - Free RunningRelaxation, Warm up, StretchShow Prep
1:15Warm up, stunt falls and stunt tumblingWarm up, stunt falls and stunt tumbling, throwsFreerunningStunt ChoreographyDress Rehearsal
1:30Stunt Fights, and Reactions""""
1:45"Stunt Fights, and Reactions"""
2:15Mini-tramp and High FallsMini-tramp and High FallsCreate show fightsGuest Speaker: High Fall Expert 
2:30"""Airbag HIgh FallsShowtime
2:45Cool Down/GameMini-tramp and High FallsShow Brainstorm""
3:00"Cool Down/GameCool Down/Game""
     Awards and Recognition
     Potluck Party


JJGym Stunt and Circus Camp will be held June 17-21 and 24-28, 2019 at JJGym. Campers may attend one or both weeks.

To register please e-mail the following information to jeri@kalvan.net.

  • Name and age of each camper
  • T-shirt size of each camper. Additional T-shirts may be ordered at $15 each.
  • Parent names, phone numbers, and e-mails.
  • Any medical concerns / Anything else you would like us to know.

Please pre-pay in one of these 3 ways:

  1. Venmo (jeri@kalvan.net/661-713-3141)
  2. Chase Quick Pay (jeri@kalvan.net/661-713-3141)
  3. Personal check made out to Jeri Kalvan, 6232 Mary Ellen Ave., Valley Glen, CA 91401